What is Covered? – Pedal Power ACT
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What is Covered?

V-Insurance has worked closely with Pedal Power ACT to design this insurance program for its members. This program covers Pedal Power ACT members, temporary/trialling members (for events only), accredited coaches, event promoters, race directors, accredited officials, directors, executives and voluntary workers involved in activities which are sanctioned by Pedal Power ACT. These activities include official events, training, meetings, and fundraising activities and travel to and from these activities.

This program incorporates four covers;

  1. Public Liability
  2. Professional Indemnity
  3. Personal Accident
  4. Management Liability

Important note: Cover does not extend to include bike couriers or individuals riding for fare/reward.

These insurance terms will remain in place until 30 November 2020 when Pedal Power’s annual insurance policy expires.  After this date, the Pedal Power ACT Board may choose to vary the insurance cover included in Pedal Power’s membership.

You can download a copy our Summary of Cover brochure by clicking below:

Important Note

V-Insurance has arranged the Personal Accident insurance program on a group basis without taking into account individual circumstances. This policy provides benefits to members of Pedal Power ACT, who through injury or accident, incur financial loss and who would otherwise not have received assistance. The program seeks to provide benefits to those most exposed and to maintain protection at the lowest possible cost to membership. It therefore cannot provide 100% cover of a benefit for every loss that occurs. Federal Government Legislation prevents insurance companies from paying any insurance benefit for a medical service that is covered by Medicare. This legislation also applies to the Medicare gap. In addition to this Personal Accident insurance all members are encouraged to consider taking out Private Health insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Life insurance if their individual circumstances require it.